The demand for computer-generated design, filing, and construction drawings has been increasing over the years; most building departments will not accept hand-drawn filing drawings, even in cases where a seal is not required. Among other things, this has created the necessity for professionals and individuals to search for drafting and design assistance. Although it may seem uncanny at first, working with a drafting and design firm can be a time and money-saving choice when you utilize the right team.

At Draftermax, we keep up with technology and are continuously reinforcing our architectural drafting and design knowledge. We have an excellent understanding of construction methods and code requirements which allows us to create functional, up-to-code drafts and technically accurate construction drawings. We maintain an open line of communication with our clients, making sure all parties involved are on the same page. We always assign the task to the best fitting team member which helps us keep the project moving forward in an efficient manner, all within your budget.

It is our main goal to create clean, detailed, precise architectural drawings that will make the construction and filing process move along smoothly and that you, as a client, are pleased with the final product — making sure your drafts represent exactly what you envisioned, and meet all the necessary requirements to come to fruition.

The Advantage of Expertise

We have been working alongside architects, designers, realtors, building managers, and developers for more than eight years providing multiple drafting services, including all of the following:

Our Architectural Drafting Services

Residential Construction Documents

If you need construction drawings for your home build, we can help. We create filing-ready construction documents to meet your specifications. Construction documents are a crucial element in the design-build process, since they contain an accumulation of all of the information necessary to move forward with contracts for builders. Our construction drawings may include information surrounding the necessary materials for your home build, as well as the specifications for the methodology for construction. In other words, your residential construction documents will include all of the necessary information for contractors to acquire materials and begin the build. We can draft construction documents, including structural drawings, mechanical plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans, landscaping plans, site plans, other infrastructure plans, and any other critical documents. Your contractors will have all the information necessary to acquire materials and begin the construction procedure. Plus, as we mentioned, your construction documents will be sufficient to file.

Commercial Construction Documents

Commercial construction documents are complex, to say the least. On top of that, every document may require multiple amendments to make it adequate for filing and contract purposes. Fortunately, we’re here to make crafting construction documents simple. We work with architects, designers, developers, and contractors to draft the necessary commercial construction documents for your upcoming build. We’ll ensure that your drawings are up to code, containing construction instructions, material purchase orders, and other necessary information, and we’ll ensure that all of your construction drawings are prepared for filing. We can draft any number of drawings that you may require, including structural drawings, mechanical plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans, landscaping plans, site plans, other infrastructure plans, and any other critical documents. When you work with Draftermax, creating a complete construction document is easy, quick, and affordable. We help to make even the largest projects simple.

Commercial & Residential Filing Drawings

Filing your drawings means that you have to fulfill a vast number of requirements. A set of plans will include various construction documents, including architectural drawings, structural plans, excavation drawings, plumbing drawings, mechanical plans, and other infrastructure documents. It’s a complex catalog of drawings that you’ll have to compile to properly file and apply for building approval. We make that process simple. Trust us to complete your drawings and plans to ensure that they are up to snuff — meeting the standards put forth by your local government.

Filing drawings must be compliant with a variety of standards — for example, each document in a set of drawings must include proper title blocks, each filled out with information (which can include the building ID number, the project name, the drawing title, a revision block with records of drawing amendments, the names of the designers working on the project, and the owner of the project, etc.). Creating filing drawings can be overwhelming for an untrained draftsman, let us prepare your filing drawings on your behalf.

Concept Design & Presentation Drawings

Whether you’re pitching a building design project or creating a design iteration to present to a client, we can help you throughout the process. We produce concept designs and presentation drawings that help you to communicate your vision. These drawings often combine computer-aided design with other graphic elements to create a composition that expresses the ideas behind your design. We’ll work with you to produce an effective concept or presentation drawings to earn or convince your clients. We can create hybrid drawings, ranging anywhere from two-dimensional elevation drawings to three-dimensional computer-generated models. If you need to render enticing presentation drawings and explorative concept designs, we can help.

Paper to CAD Drafting Conversion

Draftsmen, architects, and others count on us to convert paper renderings to CAD drawings. If you have a paper draft of your building project (or an existing building), we can recreate the drawing in CAD, making it suitable to share with others who need to utilize your drawings or collaborate on your building design. Paper to CAD conversion is a simple, albeit time-consuming task. If you don’t have the skills or time to complete a CAD draft of your building, don’t fret — you can count on the elite team of draftsmen here at Draftermax.

As-Built Drawings

These post-construction drawings are useful for building owners who need to document the current layout of their buildings. As-built drawings correctly render the current construction of the building, including updates and renovations that have occured since the building was erected. These drawings also capture any changes or deviations that were made throughout the building process. As-built drawings can be useful for property owners who have lost their original architectural plans, for property owners who need to prove the true amount of livable space in their building, or property owners who seek to sell their building. Property managers often utilize as-built drawings to analyze tenant space square footage, common area square footage, and other information. As-built drawings can be utilized to determine the rentable square footage for a rental property. As-built drawings may also be necessary to create computer-aided facility management software for a property. Regardless of your needs, we can help. We’ll schedule an appointment to visit your property to attain measurements of your building, and then we’ll get to drafting. You can learn more about our as-built drawing services.

Existing Condition Drawings & Field Measurements

Like as-built drawings, existing condition drawings are created after a building was constructed. Existing condition drawings, however, have to include more detailed information, and therefore, they’re adequate for other applications. Existing condition drawings often include all of the elements that would be in an as-built drawing, as well as more specific components of the building. An existing condition drawing may include HVAC components, electrical components, mechanical components, plumbing details, and more. These drawings are crucial for architectural applications, interior design use, space planning use, engineering, and various contractor uses. Existing condition drawings are often necessary for remodels and building additions.

Here at Draftermax, we’re experienced in drafting existing condition drawings. Plus, we attain field measurements for your existing condition drawings. We’ll come to your site, compile all of the measurements necessary, and create existing condition drawings that you can utilize for your upcoming project.

Realtor Floor Plans

Realtor floor plans aren’t just beneficial for real estate sales, they’re necessary. If you’re advertising a building or home, you’ll need more than photos of the exterior and interior spaces — you’ll need a floor plan that displays the layout and program of each room in the building. Here at Draftermax, we create accurate floor plans for realtors, which can be utilized in brochures, online, and in other advertising media. Our floor plans accurately capture the layout of your building, and we can include other graphical elements as you desire. Often, realtors prefer to display floor plans that show optimal furniture layouts for the real estate they are selling. We can render furniture, landscapes, and other design elements within your floor plans to better serve as a tool for the property you are selling.

3D Renderings (Interior & Exterior)

Three-dimensional renderings are another of our specialties here at Draftermax. We utilize 3D CAD programs to create digital models of your building. These models are useful for any number of reasons: if you’re pitching a building project, if you’re placing furniture within a building, if you want to provide a virtual walkthrough for a client, you name it. Whatever the reason, we can render the interior and/or exterior of your building to provide you with a realistic, navigable model. Learn more about our 3D rendering services.

3D Modeling

Our drafting capabilities extend beyond the scope of architecture. If, for instance, you’d like to incorporate furniture in a 3D rendering, we can model that furniture, as well as the space that houses it. We also provide 3D modeling of products, various building components, and other objects. Feel free to read more about our 3D modeling services, and count on Draftermax for both architectural renderings and our 3D models.

We Provide Drafting Services for…

Architects: If you’re tackling a design project, and simply need some extra support, you can count on our draftsmen. We help architects to create drawings, including elevations, site plans, floor plans, 3D models, detail drawings, and drawings that are filing-ready. If you need an extra person behind the drafting table (or computer), we can help.

Designers: We help designers to transform their ideas into reality. We create drafts and plans for designers, ranging from concept drawings to a fully fleshed draft of a project, including accurate dimensions, material details, and assembly instructions. Interior designers, landscape architects, and other designers rely on our drafting services to complete their projects.

Realtors: Realtors rely on us to create beautiful floor plans which capture the dimensions of a building, as well as its utility. If you need floor plan drafts to advertise a property, we can help. We’ll attain measurements of your property (or utilize existing blueprints) to create a beautiful, legible floorplan for prospective homebuyers.

Developers: If you’re creating a development, you may need a variety of drafting services. We can provide drafts ranging from whole-development renderings to individual home plans. When you have a project with numerous sites that requires drafting on numerous scales, you can count on Draftermax to see it through to the end.

Homeowners: Homeowners trust us to create as-built drawings and to render plans for renovations and home improvements. We can help to prepare filing documents, depending on the demands of your project. Or we can simply help to create construction documents to aid your contractors in completing a home improvement.

Contractors: Contractors rely on our drafts to create a building plan, and to ascertain the proper amount of materials to complete a project. We often work as an intermediary between architects or designers and contractors, providing the latter with plans and renderings to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Building Managers: Building managers rely on our as-built drawings and floor plan renderings to serve their clientele and to maintain the operations of their buildings. We’re happy to help building managers with any drawing they may require to maintain their properties.

Count on Draftermax

We’re proud to offer drafting and design services for all the aforementioned individuals, assisting them with their personal and professional projects, ranging from building additions to interior designs. Whether its realizing a homeowner’s ideas with clean and accurate drawings, or assisting an architect with the overall design and even the filing process, we strive to provide our clients with excellent service.

Contact us today and let’s build something together!