Much more than your average blueprint


In the construction industry, logistical planning is essential to keep a project on track, helping you work efficiently and overall saving you time and money; this is where shop drawings come into play.

We at Draftermax understand the sub-contractor’s need to provide the general contractor, engineer and/or architect very detailed shop drawings that accurately represent the method(s) of constructions to follow in order to build and/or install the item(s) that conform the scope of work.

Our team of drafters have extensive experience producing shop drawings for multiple trades, such as:

  • Millwork Shop Drawings
  • Stone & Tile Shop Drawings
  • Glazing & Storefront Shop Drawing
  • Structural Steel Shop Drawings
  • Concrete & Rebar Shop Drawings

Detail in the fine print

We constantly supply our clients with very descriptive drawings, providing all necessary details and sections while complying with all construction documents and guidelines regarding materials and/or quantities, all the while avoiding errors along fabrication and installation and steadily working within a reasonable time frame keeping your project on time and within budget.

When you choose to work with us, you are opting for a team of individuals who truly care about the outcome of your project and who will maintain an open line of communication throughout the process, making sure you obtain exactly what you are looking for!


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