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When you’re building a home from the ground up, your master bedroom will be integral to the overall design of your home. Sure, there are several priorities fighting to gain prominence in your home design, but the design of the master bedroom often wins out over other spaces. That’s why we’re taking some time today, as part of our architectural design blog, to offer up some considerations to weigh as you begin to formulate your dream home’s dream master bedroom.


How much space would you like in your master bedroom? Consider how you’d like to furnish your bedroom. Are you going to have a queen sized bed? Or maybe a king sized? What about night stands? And perhaps you’d like to have some space to sit and read. Are you going to tow an armoire into the room? Or will you be content to store your clothes in the closet? Do you need some space to stow all of your books?


It’s time to consider the lighting of your bedroom. You might love natural lighting. It’s imperative that bay windows line your master bedroom… Oh, and a skylight. No, no; that’s not your style. You prefer privacy and the warmth that you can only find in an Edison lightbulb. Wait, your preferences shift throughout the day. You like to wake to natural lighting, and as the day comes to a close, it’s time to draw the blinds and slide the light dimmer to about half. One thing you know for sure, it’s essential that your walls are outfitted with reading lights.


Your wardrobe will likely determine the size of your closet. Minimalists might get away with a small closet. Actually, now that you think about it, you’ve always preferred cabinetry to closets. We’d better dedicate a wall to custom-built cabinetry to stow your clothes. A vanity mirror would be nice too. And a jewelry stand for the wife.

Well, that won’t do. You’ve remembered that the spouse needs plenty of space. You need a walk in closet alongside your custom-built cabinetry. A few rows of shelves and several hanging rods ought to do the trick. Wait, wouldn’t it be convenient to put the washer and dryer in your new walk-in closet as well? After all, the plumbing is nearby for your master bath…

blog-cta-fullMaster Bath

It’s on to the master bathroom. Would you like one sink or two? How about a standard loo or one of those new-fangled hyper-efficient models? Did you think of where will the towels go? You’ve always wanted a custom-tiled shower. And a clawfoot porcelain tub. And a wall fountain. And access to a small veranda with a mint garden. Or is that too much?


Don’t forget to plan for decor! Of course your Modigliani portrait belongs above the bed. The bust of Caesar? You’ll have the build a mantle to highlight that piece… I suppose it’d be best to put the mantle over a fireplace too.

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