Glasses on Blueprint Floorplan Closeup

Embarking on a new adventure is filled with excitement, expenses, and expectations. Choosing a design and layout for your home is one of the most tedious, yet personal processes you will ever go through. Pouring over thoughts, ideas, and unwanted input from your in-laws can send you into a tizzy of confusion. So before you find yourself waist deep in details, let us help give you some sound advice when looking to design your home. After all, as a drafting firm, we have a few years of experience pouring over well-designed floor plans!

Determine Space

The first step to designing a home is knowing how much space you want, and how much money you’re willing to spend. While pouring over house design magazines can be fun, it will often overwhelm you with so many options you won’t know where to begin. Start small. Do you want an open floor plan? Which rooms would you like to connect? It’s also helpful to visualize how you would like to decorate, or place furniture in the space to help narrow down options. From there you can better determine your mandatory desires, which helps give the designer good parameters when drawing up a draft.

Remember Functionality

Once you have decided the space aspect of how many rooms and bathrooms you want in your new home, putting them in order is the next important task. Designing your new home based on functionality is key to ensuring long term comfort, and helps immensely if you are considering resale at some point. Examples of functionality include the bathroom to bedroom ratio, having the kitchen connecting to the dining room instead of the living room, or making sure the door has room to completely open. It often helps to take note of your current floor plan and adjust the things you are not satisfied with.

dreamstime_xxl_14471923How High

One of the most influential aspects that can alter the atmosphere of a home, are the ceilings. Now we understand you don’t walk around looking up, however, creating a higher ceiling threshold can have great benefits. If you run into having to lessen your square footage, a good option to look into is raising the height of your ceiling. This will help create a more open feel, and give the impression of a bigger space without the strain of your bank account square footage can cause. With more height you can put in bookshelves, or add windows. More daylight in a home can give an ambiance of relaxation and warmth, as well as make it feel more open.


At DrafterMax, our priority is you and your vision. We understand each home needs to have the personal touch of someone who cares and sees what you see. Our team of experienced professionals have a passion for architecture design and drafting your dream home. Have questions? Our team is more than happy to help. Give us a call today and start the drafting process for your home!