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If you appreciate the beauty and functionality of old cars (or current ones) chances are you spend some of your free time working on these machines. While the standard garage space may be enough to start working on projects, it never really provides enough space to get as deep into the project as you’d like.

The lack of space when working on cars is what often drives car enthusiasts to want to add a shop to their property. Custom designed auto shops are a fantastic solution when looking to get your garage back and have enough space to work on any project that comes your way. If you’ve recognized the need for a shop to complete your car projects in, you’re going to want to check out today’s blog.

The team at Drafter Max is going to talk about a few of the different factors that you want to consider when designing an auto shop building to add to your property. Let’s get started.

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As with any build, the size of the building is something you are absolutely going to need to take into consideration. This will require you to think about a few different things. For starters, how many project cars do you usually need to store at a time? The amount of space that you need working on one car is very different than someone that is remodeling three to five cars at a time.

Even if there’s only one vehicle being stored and worked on, you’re going to want to take some time to figure out the size of the most common vehicles that you work with so that you can ensure there is plenty of room to get these vehicles in and worked on.


Working on vehicles requires you to have various tools. Depending on the type of work that you’re doing, you may have hundreds of pieces of equipment handy for when you are working on restoring a car into a beautiful and functional condition. With that in mind, you are absolutely going to want to ensure the building that you design has plenty of storage for you to keep all of your tools in an organized and easy to access manner.


Another factor that will vary from person to person is the type of equipment that you plan on having in your auto shop. If you just like doing some very basic repairs and part replacement projects on cars, you’re going to need very different equipment than someone that is taking out engines or working on the body of the vehicle. Given that this is the case, take some time to consider the type of equipment that you plan to have in your auto body shop and the space it’s going to take up — if it’s a necessary tool, you want to make sure your building is able to accommodate it.

Let Drafter Max Help

When you want to design an auto body shop that functions as you’ve envisioned, you need the team at Drafter Max to help. Our professional drafters can take the ideas that you’ve come up with and turn them into a reality. Contact Drafter Max in Brooklyn today with any questions that you may have or to schedule an appointment with one of our team members to discuss the visions that you have your shop. Our team of drafters is always happy to help and ready to get started on turning your vision into a reality.

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