1. CAD Design on a Tablet and Blueprints

    Three Systems that Contribute to Functionality of a Building Design

    Creating a building that is functional and that you enjoy spending time in requires you to look at so much more than the elements that make it beautiful. While most of us do fall for a home because of the layout and the welcoming paint on the walls that greets us as we come home from work, it’s not always what makes a house a home. The same goes for a commercial building. You could have the most…Read More

  2. What to Consider When Designing a Building

    When you’re designing a building, be it your next home, an office space, or a shed that you’re going to utilize for storage, you want to make sure that the building is functional. This can be extremely challenging to do when you’ve never designed a building and you’re not entirely sure where you need to start. That’s why, in today’s blog post, the team at Drafter Max is going to cover …Read More

  3. Auto Shop Tools

    What to Consider When Designing an Auto Shop

    If you appreciate the beauty and functionality of old cars (or current ones) chances are you spend some of your free time working on these machines. While the standard garage space may be enough to start working on projects, it never really provides enough space to get as deep into the project as you’d like. The lack of space when working on cars is what often drives car enthusiasts to want to a…Read More

  4. Common Mistakes Made During DIY House Renovations

    Home renovation projects are something that homeowners will often try and take on themselves. While the Home Network has made it look incredibly easy to tackle these home renovation projects on your own, that’s not always the case. Without the proper equipment or experience, these projects can quickly become flops and leave you with a bigger issue than you started with. In today’s blog post, t…Read More

  5. Most Common Challenges of Designing a Building

    Designing a building is not exactly an easy project to take on. From the process of designing the layout to determining which materials are going to be the best fit, it’s a time consuming job that requires a significant amount of time and money to complete. Whether you’re in the process of working on a new design for a building or you are wanting to start designing a new building, the team at …Read More

  6. Architectural Model and Blueprint

    Benefits of Hiring a Drafting Company

    When you’re working on a large construction project, hiring a drafting company is one of the best things that you can do. A drafting company is there to help you create the underlying design of your building and will help ensure that all design aspects are beautiful and effective.  The team at Drafter Max has proudly provided individuals in the New York area with high-quality drafting services.…Read More

  7. Draftsman Thinking

    Qualities to Look for in a Drafting Company

    Drafting services are a fantastic way to bring life to a vision that you have. When it comes to creating a functional and beautiful building, you need to make sure that every detail has been considered and that the pieces work cohesively together. In order to make sure that your next building is perfectly pieced together, you want to hire a drafting company that you trust.  Drafter Max is proud t…Read More

  8. Model Home and Draft Drawing

    Challenges of Remodeling Older Homes

    Remodeling a home is no small task. When you add a couple of years to the house, the project only becomes bigger. Though there are so many benefits to remodeling an older home, there are also a lot of challenges that are associated with it. In today’s blog post, the team at Drafter Max will cover a few of the most common challenges that individuals will come across when they choose to remodel an…Read More

  9. Covered Deck

    Designing the Ultimate Deck/Patio

    Designing the ultimate deck doesn’t just ensure that you have a prime space to enjoy the outdoors, it also boosts the value of your home. Now, most folks opt for a simple deck, perhaps 10 feet by 12 feet, all clad in wood. But there’s so much potential to make the most of your outdoor space. That’s why we’re talking good design today. Here are a few considerations that you can weigh when y…Read More

  10. Kitchen Triptych Banner

    Designing the Ultimate Kitchen

    You’re an entertainer, a sommelier, a cook, baker, and a butcher. Above all, you love to eat. Thus, your kitchen is your favorite domain, and it’ll dominate the design of your dream home. We understand. We are architectural draftsmen after all. So let’s talk about your kitchen design. Here are some implements that you’ll have to consider when it comes time to draft of your original plans: …Read More