The demand for computer-generated design, filing, and construction drawings has been increasing over the years; most building departments will not accept hand-drawn filing drawings, even in cases where a seal is not required. Among other things, this has created the necessity for professionals and individuals to search for drafting and design assistance. Although it may seem uncanny at first, working with a drafting and design firm can be a time and money-saving choice when you utilize the right team.

At Draftermax, we keep up with technology and are continuously reinforcing our architectural drafting and design knowledge. We have an excellent understanding of construction methods and code requirements which allows us to create functional, up-to-code drafts and technically accurate construction drawings. We maintain an open line of communication with our clients, making sure all parties involved are on the same page. We always assign the task to the best fitting team member which helps us keep the project moving forward in an efficient manner, all within your budget.

It is our main goal to create clean, detailed, precise architectural drawings that will make the construction and filing process move along smoothly and that you, as a client, are pleased with the final product — making sure your drafts represent exactly what you envisioned, and meet all the necessary requirements to come to fruition.