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Remodeling a home is no small task. When you add a couple of years to the house, the project only becomes bigger.

Though there are so many benefits to remodeling an older home, there are also a lot of challenges that are associated with it. In today’s blog post, the team at Drafter Max will cover a few of the most common challenges that individuals will come across when they choose to remodel an older home. Let’s get started!

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One of the most common problems that people will come across when renovating an older home is asbestos. Asbestos was frequently used in home construction from the 1940s to the 1980s. This particular material was known for being fire retardant, making it a must-have ingredient for supplies associated with roofing, flooring, insulation, and the like. 

The problem with asbestos begins when it is being broken down. Any asbestos fibers that are released can lead to some incredibly severe lung problems. Whether you’re sanding, scraping, or sawing, if there’s asbestos in the house, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re breathing them in. For that reason, if there are signs of asbestos in the home that you’re remodeling, you want to make sure that you contact a professional company to handle the task.


Something that needs to be solid when remodeling a home is the foundation. Over the years, we’ve seen the techniques for laying the foundation of buildings change and improve drastically. Unfortunately, this means that many of the older homes that people renovate will have some sort of foundational issues. Whether it’s water runoff, mold, rotting, cracks, or something of the sort, these types of issues are time-consuming and expensive to fix. 

The main downside to coming across foundation problems is that they must be fixed. If you continue to remodel a home without fixing the foundational problems, you’re going to wind up with many more problems down the road. 


Another part of home designs that we’ve seen change significantly is the electrical work. When choosing to remodel an older home, you’re absolutely going to need to look at the wiring and determine whether or not rewiring is something that needs to be done. In many instances, electrical wiring does need to be replaced because the older wiring simply wasn’t meant to handle the types of appliances that we have nowadays. 

Without updated wiring, there is always a chance of overloading your electrical box or an electrical fire starting. Given that neither of these is an ideal scenario, it’s better to get wiring updated as soon as you can.


Older homes are known for having a particular smell, and while some may think that this smell is charming and tied to the years of history associated with the house, in most cases this smell is actually caused by mold. If you notice that there is a unique smell in the house that you’re planning to renovate, it’s always worth having a professional come in and inspect the structure.

Mold can grow in just about any place, but some of the more common places that we see mold will be in the parts of your home where pipes are located. Aside from areas that have lots of pipes (under the sink or in the basement), mold can also develop because of roof leaks, damage to the structure, and the like. To get a good idea of whether or not there is mold damage, take a minute and look for any water stains. This should not only help you determine whether or not there is mold, but it can also help you find the source of the problem. At times, finding the source can help you make proactive changes during the remodeling project.

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If you’re planning on remodeling a house, you’re going to want to hire a company that offers drafting services. Old houses were constructed very differently, and in order to save money on your project and keep the building in good standing, you want a professional to draft out the design for your remodel.

The team at Drafters Max has provided high-quality drafting services to the New York area for nearly a decade! If you’re interested in learning more about how we could help you with your remodel or you’d like to get started on your project, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to get you taken care of.

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