Why Work With DrafterMax

We understand that steel shop drawings may be essential for a number of projects, depending on the complexity of the construction, and the size of the build. Outsourcing your drafting to our firm will provide you with a number of benefits that will improve the manufacturing and design-build processes. You can benefit from outsourcing your drafting with DrafterMax in the following ways:

  • Cut time: If you’re operating under a deadline, we can deliver drafts that will speed up the manufacturing process, aid with architectural design, and improve the installation of your steel components. Keep well within schedule with our steel shop drawings.
  • Reduce waste: Mistakes happen. But with the clarity of our steel shop drawings, you’ll reduce the likelihood of an error from day one. We’ll work with you to ensure that your vision comes to life without a hitch — from fabrication to on-site implementation.
  • Better bottom line: As we just mentioned, our drawings help to mitigate mistakes and improve your project completion schedule, both of which result in savings throughout your project. Save time, save money, and save yourself from a headache by outsourcing your steel shop drawings to DrafterMax.