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How Draftermax Helps Architects From Concept To Construction

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Constructing a building is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of work upfront and even a lot of work after construction is done to ensure that everything is done right. If you are looking for an architectural drafter, look no further than Draftermax! Our Brooklyn architect firm is here to help you through every step of the building process. Keep reading to learn about the great services we offer our customers, and contact us to get started with your building plans today!


Commercial properties? Residential buildings? No worries. We handle all kinds of projects and our team of expert drafters can provide you with any drawings you need. From blueprints to conceptual renderings we can draw it up so you won’t have to worry.

Architect Drafts
3-D Concepts for Commercial Homes

3D Renderings

We use advanced software to create detailed 3D renderings so you can see your building come to life before even breaking ground! Use the rendering as a marketing tool, a design tool, or just a proof of concept. Show the world your vision in a unique and practical way.

MEP Drawings

Use our MEP Shop (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) drawings to ensure that all your utilities work together within the structure. Save yourself time and money by seeing how all your pipes and utility lines fit into your project before you start building!

Drawing Architect
Drafting Table for Architect and Compass

As-Built and Renovation Drawings

Even after your project is complete, Draftermax is still here to help. If your blueprints and drawings have been damaged or misplaced, we can make new drafts of your already existing building. And if you want to renovate anything, we can draw those up as well and help you meet all the legal requirements.

House Infographic showing steps Draftermax can assist with

Trust Draftermax to be with you every step of the way. Our team will answer any questions and work with you to make sure that all your building projects go as planned. Get a quote or contact our experienced draftsmen today!

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