Architectural Draft Drawing

DrafterMax is a professional and well reputed drafting and design firm located offering design services throughout New York and New Jersey. We have been providing sketching, drafting, and other architectural rendering services of great diversity for many years now are popularly known for our creativity, accuracy, punctuality, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. We offer a broad range of services for a variety of customers and we make communication with our clients a top priority while working on projects. We take great pride in our talented and dedicated team of engineers, architects, professional drafters, graphic designers, artists, animators, staff, and customer service representatives who work hard to meet and exceed the expectations of each customer. All members on the team have been trained specially for our line of work and together, we work dynamically to create projects related to architectural rendering.

In addition to this, we also offer to hold pre-project consultations with our customers so that we know exactly what the customer wants and we work to fulfill their requirements, needs, and preferences accordingly. Furthermore, during all projects such as those of architectural rendering, shop drawings and more, the team at DrafterMax stays in touch with the clients and can be addressed easily whenever the customer has a question about the project or want a change to be incorporated into the original design. Services offered by DrafterMax apart from architectural rendering include drafting services such as plans, shop drawings, paper to CAD conversions, 3D modeling and animation. These services are of exceptional high quality are extended to clients such as home owners, contractors, manufacturers, designers, landscapers, web services, publicists, and other businesses in the U.S. and beyond. Hence, no matter which field the drawings are required for — architectural, engineering, mechanical or electrical — the team of specialists at DrafterMax is well equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to create it.

A website of excellent standards has been created for our clients, which is easy to navigate and has details of our architectural rendering services and samples of our architectural rendering and drafting, all sorted into categories so that customers can find exactly what they are looking for in a hassle-free way. Categories include architectural CAD samples, shop drawing samples, 3D samples and animation samples. In addition to this, customers looking to contact the team of DrafterMax or those who wish to get a quote from us can do easily through our contact page and even over the phone at 888-211-3069.


Architectural services are offered in a diverse variety at DrafterMax and can be altered to be in complete accordance with the customer’s needs and preferences. Another feature that distinguishes DrafterMax from other drafting companies is that it gives short turnaround times and allows customers to keep building upon their ideas as the project grows. Services include architectural floor plans, elevation drawings, cross-section drawings and details, project covers and index sheets, block library development, and more.